Two Years Later

Life Moves Fast …

Seems like only yesterday, Parker Reid was born. It has almost been a full year.  Parker will celebrate his first birthday in just a few days.  Time flies … Brice William started PreK last week.

Since I have last written, my oldest daughter has moved to Kenai, Alaska.  My youngest daughter and family has moved to West Palm Beach, FL, however, my son, remained in Louiville, KY.  My family is anything but boring.

We have just experienced Hurricane Isaac for the past week.  We got our power back on last night.  Never under estimate the glory of electricity or air conditioning.  My next post will focus on Simple Survival ~ Hurricane Isaac.  It was more than I expected and harder than I was prepared to endure.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corey Ten Boom


About grandmommy101

I love God. I love my husband and my children and my grandchildren. I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends. I am all about "theme" dinner parties, or parties in general. I love to help with weddings and children and being a friend to someone who needs one. My time with my mother has taught me how much the elderly have to offer this generation and how much I value their patriotism and heroism. I am a self proclaimed chef! I would do a throw-down with Bobby Flay anytime on any one of several southern dishes. I am positive I could work with the ingredients in the baskets on Chopped and just give me a chance and some good helpers and I just know I could be an Iron Chef. Ok, in reality, I am a good cook, and some may say, real good. Entertaining is just so much fun. Granted my lack of ability to "do" has greatly hindered me, but I still have wonderful thoughts and would so enjoy orchestrating an event.
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